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Best Italian Restaurant in the world 2019

This is the fine dining we like. Large windows overlooking the water in Pyrmont, in the Sydney bay: with well spaced tables and attention to detail without too much excess. Welcome to the reign of chef Federico Zanellato...

LuMi chef shares three Italian recipes he cooks at home

Federico Zanellato, head chef of LuMi Bar & Dining and The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide's 2017 Chef of the Year, shares some of his much-loved home recipes.

Meet the chefs behind Sydney's greatest restaurants

The innovator

Federico Zanellato, LuMi (Citi Chef of the Year)

Is this young Italian 2016's answer to Tetsuya Wakuda? It's not such a long bow, when you look at what he's putting on the plate. Innovative and original, with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic, his Italian food breaks rules in all sorts of delicious ways. 

SMH Good Food Guide Awards 2017: Restaurant of the Year Finalists

The gleaming glass-walled space on Pyrmont Wharf is lit by a starry ceiling of pendant lights, and service strikes that very Italian note of both informality and care. 

LuMi retain the 2 Hats -SMH Good Food Guide

Who the hell would pipe a glossy black sesame emulsion on top of salt-baked beetroot? And make it look like a party-time continental cake? And make it taste earthy, explosive, incendiary? Only someone like LuMI's Federico Zanellato. 

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